Aaron Googins

King Engineering Associates, Inc. is a firm where excellence is a part of life and where exceeding our clients' goals is the norm. Each project has been eagerly and thoughtfully approached since 1977. Over the years we have proven our familiarity with the many unique characteristics of the states that we operate in and have analyzed the environmental nuances, addressed regulatory requirements and have become experts on the local conditions.

King's professional staff is able to provide Civil and Environmental Engineering, Transportation Planning, Ecological Services, Surveying and Construction Management Services. With all of our in-house capabilities, King is able to offer a unified team that understands every aspect of your project eliminating the need for you to manage multiple consultants. Each member of our professional staff brings a special expertise to each project, allowing King to be successful from the simplest to the most complex projects. King is involved from the project conception to the final regulatory approval.


With King executing your project, you can be assured that you will receive high quality service, in a most cost-effective and timely manner. We encourage you to talk to us, as well as our clients, about how our strong technical staff can help you achieve your project goals.